At O'Connor Glass, we supply and install all types of glasswork for residential and commercial clients. We also do repair and emergency work. Below are samples of just some of our work. Contact the glass specialists at O'Connor Glass to see what we can do for you.

Residential Bath/Shower

Commercial Exteriors

Homburg Theatre, Homburg Financial Building, St.Dunstan's Basilica

Commercial Interiors

Pedway connecting Confederation Centre to the Holman Grand Hotel

Confederation Centre of the Arts

Polishing & Glass Preparation Services

The professionals at O’Connor Glass take exceptional care in working with artisans, businesses and homeowners when doing the delicate work required in preparing and finishing special projects. Our polishing and preparation services are illustrated below in glass artisan Marcella Rosemberg’s work. You can visit her website at



Confederation Centre
of the Arts more >

Homburg Financial Building
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Our Services

  • installations
  • repairs
  • commercial or residential special projects

glasswork for projects of all sizes:

  • automatic doors
  • custom plate glass and mirrors
  • customs showers
  • door & window hardware
  • insect screens
  • locks
  • store fronts
  • skylights
  • insurance claims
  • and much more...